Artificial Intelligence (AI) API

Netray Artificial Intelligence (AI) APIs make it easier for developers to integrate machine learning in real world applications without having to worry about scaling the algorithms on their infrastructure and getting into the details of the machine learning algorithms.

Netray Translate

Netray Translate uses deep learning techniques to produce more accurate translation than traditional statistical and rule-based translation models.


Netray Translate has the results of translation according to current global quality.

Open to Contribute

In order to always maintain quality, you can correct the results of our translation.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Netray uses the deep learning method to extract text classification, categories, entities, keywords, sentiment, emotion, relations, syntax, and metadata from unstructured text data.


Discover emotion classification and sentiment analysis on news articles and social media status

Named Entity Recognition

Netray’s NLP enables information extraction for news articles and social media

Text Classification

Netray’s NLP enables news articles and social media classification based on categories, and gender classification based on name

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