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Netray is a media monitoring platform based on big data analytics, deep learning, and sentiment analysis which enables you to discover what is happening on social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) and online news media.


Netray provides information to assist your
campaign strategies in social media.

Choose Your Own Keyword

Netray analyses data using keywords or hashtags. Insert your own phrases, keywords, or brands you want to monitor

Real Time Data

Netray keeps you on track with real-time and historical data of discussions from social media and online news portals.

Uncover People’s Thoughts

Get further insights with Netray’s statistics and advanced deep learning technology to discover your audiences’ perceptions towards your brands or any issues you are searching for

Sentiment Corrections

Netray enables you to determine and change the sentiment towards particular topics from news and social media based on your own perspectives using sentiment corrections.

Find Influencers and Top Accounts

Observe any prospective buzzers or influencers for your products or campaigns, and who are the accounts discussing the most about the issues you monitor.

Account Monitoring

Keep track of your social media or even any other public accounts using Netray’s Account Monitoring feature. Here you will watch who mentions you the most and what they talk about you

What Time?

Netray’s Peak Time feature lets you discover when the number of tweets/posts/news mentioning you, or discussing the topics you are monitoring reach their peak. You will also find out why the frequency is very intense at that specific day and hour.

Conversation Network Reports

Social Network Analysis feature presents the most mentioned accounts or names by the social media users. Discover how broad the issues you monitor are discussed and who the most influencing initiators are.

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