Frequently Asked Questions

How does Netray work?

Netray monitors online news media as well as social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), and analyzes data using keywords or hashtags according to users' needs.

Can I get free trial before I subscribe?

Yes, you can get free trial by registering your email.

I am still a student and not affiliated with any company. Can I subscribe for Netray Media Monitoring service?

Yes, Netray is available both for individual customers and companies.

I am interested. How do I subscribe Netray Media Monitoring service?

You can first go to Contact Us section and send your enquiries. Our Client Support will respond to you soon.

What data sources Netray monitors?

Netray monitors data from online news media, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook channels

Can I request additional data sources from other platforms such as forums or YouTube?

No, Netray currently cannot proceed any request to provide data from other platforms. However, in the future we may consider to provide this additional service

Can I monitor private account on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

No, we strictly obey the privacy requirements by each platform and government regulations.

Can I monitor data with other languages?

As for Twitter and only news media, currently Netray only provides data in Indonesian language. However, we keep enriching our system to provide you qualified data in other languages.

Are the data provided unlimited?

We do limit the maximum keywords according to the customer's subsciption. However, the data provided in your monitoring are unlimited

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